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Series of Blueprints helps you eliminate the 'What-ifs' that keep you awake staring at the ceiling at 2 o'clock in the morning.

The Program

Our step-by-step process is simple, yet comprehensive

Clients and prospects who own businesses have concerns. By designing strategies to properly plan for these concerns, you elevate your role in their lives to that of a knowledgeable business professional.



Our structured, refined process

This process helps financial professionals work with their clients to identify business issues of greatest concern to them and select from our 15 blueprints to address each issue.



Affiliates receive ample training and coaching

The coaching trains the principles on how to use The Blueprints For Tomorrow™ program, methods to market oneself as an affiliate, ways to engage clients in discussions about their fears and how those fears will be addressed by our blueprints


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Based on the success of Blueprints For Tomorrow™, we decided to launch a special licensing program for successful financial advisors who want to take the packaging and marketing of their business to the next level.

As a member of our affiliate program, you receive:

  • A license to use the Blueprints For Tomorrow™ trademark
  • A complete package of branded marketing and support material customized with your name and address
  • A template of the Blueprints for Tomorrow™ web site for your use
  • Comprehensive training on our process
  • Regular telephone coaching sessions with Nate Sachs, the creator of Blueprints For Tomorrow™
  • Access to our Affiliates-Only website featuring additional resources to help you market and deliver the program to your clients.


To learn more about The Blueprints For Tomorrow™ Affiliate Program, call us at 480.596.1525 or e-mail us atinfo@blueprintsfortomorrow.com

To learn more about The Blueprints For Tomorrow Affiliate Program.

Call us at: 480.596.1525

E-mail us at: info@blueprintsfortomorrow.com

Blueprints in the News

Nate Sachs interviewed by John Davis on the Living the American Dream Show.

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